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Cash Basis Reports
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PCS Payroll
Payroll Software with Visual Basic source code.

( for Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP)


Flexible Payroll software with source code.
Robust, scalable, ready-to-use package.
Integrated tightly with PCS Accounting..
Unlimited Wage categories, Accruals, Deductions, Taxes.
Multiple simultaneous users in the Network.
Supports different currency and date formats (automatically from Windows Control Panel).
Support for multiple companies
Royalty-free.  Please see our Licensing  Agreement for details.

PCS Payroll is sold with complete Visual Basic Source Code bundled with PCS Accounting Plus.  PCS Payroll is designed to work with PCS Accounting.  PCS Payroll was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional version, with minimal use of third party add-on components.  The object-oriented, modular design and powerful transactions-based code makes modification and integration to other modules easier.  

Available in desktop version using Microsoft Access database and client version using Microsoft SQL Server.  Both versions are highly optimized using ADO data engines.

You may compile the code as it is or modify and customize to suit your needs.  The resulting compiled software may be distributed royalty free.   But the source code or modified source can not be sold. This kit is sold as it is and PC Skills is not responsible for any changes you make. Please see our Licensing  Agreement for details.

Software Features

  • Unlimited number of wage types and details.
  • Salaried, hourly
  • Non-cash wages.
  • Specify Expense accounts independently if desired.
  • Unlimited number of deductions.
  • Pretax deductions- Can be exempted from any of the defined taxes.
  • Fixed amount, or percent of any of the wages or gross, or user-entered.
  • Specify liability accounts independently if desired.
  • Limit any deductions, if needed.
  • Employee contributions to Insurance etc.
  • Unlimited number of tax definitions.
  • Specify tax tables yourself to suit your needs.
  • Limit taxes if chosen.
  • Specify liability accounts for withholding independently for each tax, if desired.
Employer Paid Benefits
  • Unlimited number of employer paid expenses and benefits.
  • Specify liability and expense accounts for each of the benefits and expenses, if desired.
  • Link the expenses to taxes, deductions.
  • Unlimited number of accrual definitions.
  • Can be linked to a wage for reduction of accrued benefits.
  • Can be set to carry-over to next year.
Bank Account Choose any bank account designated in the system for writing payroll checks.
  • Extensive set of reports including US Standard W2 /W3 forms
  • 940 / 941 reports.

Technical Features

Modular Organization

Many common functions and subroutines to control the data entry controls and data entry screens are organized in several basic modules.

Several Classes to perform most routine operations including posting, displaying selection boxes, accessing reports, etc.

Robust Data Access

PCS Payroll uses MIcrosoft ADO data engine with Jet 4 or SQL OLEDB provider for data access.
bullet  ANSI compliant SQL codes throughout the program to access and update data.
bullet This program does not use any bound controls for most of the operations thus providing complete control of data access.
bullet Transactions based coding assures that the integrity of the data, especially in a multi-user situation.
bullet Instant posting assures that balance sheet and other reports convey real-time data.

Transactions based data updates

PCS Payroll uses transactions when updating or deleting records from multiple related tables.  If any one of the changes fail due to any reason, the entire set of changes is cancelled.  This implementation
bullet Assures that the relational data integrity is maintained always.
bullet Improves the speed and performance of these operations
bullet Reduces the record locking time and improves network performance in multi-user installations

Integrated Reporting System

The Data Dynamics ActiveReports 2.0 is used for reports.  The result is fast reports with complete control over data access with very little overhead  (under 2 MB including reports).
bullet Multi-page reports with tree view type table of contents to access specific locations in the report.
bullet Hyperlinked fields for drill-down reporting capability.
bullet Ad-hoc reporting capability.
bullet Use logos in the headers.
bullet Generate documents that can be deployed for delivery in the Web

Rapid Development of Data Entry Forms

PCS Payroll uses the special User-controls (all VB6 and source code included) for most data entry needs.  These controls allows you to add and remove data-entry fields in any form easily and to control and validate the entered data.  PCS Payroll includes complete source code for the controls and as these controls are compiled along with PCS Payroll, no OCXs are required.
bullet Add fields that control text, comboboxes, checkboxes, dates, numbers with validation.
bullet Lock and unlock fields dynamically through code.
bullet Automatically update tabbing sequences.
bullet Display tool tips when needed.
bullet Move and modify fields within the form with minimal change of code.

Selection Boxes

PCS Accounting provides another special user-control (all VB6 and source code included)  that allows you add multi-column, virtual selection boxes and windows from database for easy-selection by the user. 
bullet Virtual data displayed - handle small or large datasets with ease.
bullet Allows user to sort the selection list by any column that is displayed.
bullet User can change column widths if needed.
bullet Developer can protect some columns from display.
bullet Can change the data set when needed, and much more.


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